Kori Ann Edwards

Senior Vice President, Strategic Accounts

Kori Ann has been part of LSI’s management team for 20 years and is responsible for delivering consulting services for LSI’s government and commercial clients. Her contribution to LSI has allowed the company to expand its business beyond U.S. Air Force logistic centers to a full-service business development company. She has a long history of facilitating growth and excellence with small- and medium-sized businesses.

Kori Ann is one of the founders of LSI’s economic development business unit. Her experience and funding development led to the successful creation of LSI’s contract with the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development and its Procurement Technical Assessment Center. The Utah Procurement Team has helped generate more than $4B in contract revenue to date. Kori Ann has supported numerous successful economic growth initiatives including funding of the Military Installation Partnership, funding and establishment of the Procurement Assistance Program, Utah Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Initiative and Deseret Unmanned Aerial Systems. She is also a founding member of the Northern Utah Chamber Coalition.

Kori Ann serves on multiple nonprofit boards and committees in the local community and has held multiple board positions with various corporations. She earned a bachelor of science degree in political science with a dual minor in business management and economics from Utah State University.