LSI In The Community

Disruptive technology for small business is here locally

by Angie Tymofichuk, Vice President of Science, Technology and Research

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Have you joined the additive bandwagon? Not too many years ago, additive manufacturing, or AM, was an emerging technology beyond the reach of small businesses, not to mention individuals. Today, our kids have access to it in their classrooms and businesses have incorporated it into their production lines and products. In fact, a significant number of companies are taking advantage of AM’s design flexibility to enhance their products. . . .

Writing for a better bottom line

By Holly Infante, Director, Strategic Communications

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I haven't encountered many epic fails in the documentation world, but once in a while I'm asked to fix a train wreck. At the root of one recent near-catastrophe, the principal writer failed to use an outline. The result? Two years of critical research and analysis was not presentable to the customer. Ouch. . . .

Unlocking Weber County’s workforce potential

by Melissa Freigang, Vice President, Social Innovation and Workforce Initiatives

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Concerns about the shortage of skilled labor in our community continue to be expressed. And we don’t have to look far to see the effects of intergenerational poverty or IGP. Meeting these challenges head-on requires innovation. The Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce 2018 Leadership Northern Utah class, or LNU, has partnered with Weber County to take this on—in particular—to address the talent shortage and help alleviate IGP. And you can help. . . .

Stay local, bid local

by Pam Pederson, Senior Government Consultant

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The federal government buys an estimated $600-billion worth of goods and services every year. These purchases range from complex systems to cleaning supplies and engineering expertise to janitorial services. What’s more, under federal law, 23-percent of these contracts are to be set aside for small business—that’s $138-billion or more for small businesses to claim. . . .