LSI In The Community

Stay local, bid local

by Pam Pederson, Senior Government Consultant

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The federal government buys an estimated $600-billion worth of goods and services every year. These purchases range from complex systems to cleaning supplies and engineering expertise to janitorial services. What’s more, under federal law, 23-percent of these contracts are to be set aside for small business—that’s $138-billion or more for small businesses to claim. . . .

Building the STEM workforce–find your niche

by Angie Tymofichuk, Vice President of Science, Technology and Research

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In all of the industry forums I’ve attended, the STEM workforce is always noted as an issue, if not the top issue, on employers’ minds today. Our nation has an insatiable appetite for STEM employees—IT, biotech, aerospace, and even outdoor recreation—there is not an industry sector isolated from this issue. . . .

How Utah small businesses have tapped into half-a-trillion dollars

by Doug Friedli, Senior Business Development Consultant

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As the calendar year comes to a close and we reflect on setbacks, successes and what’s ahead, I think we can all agree that we are fortunate to be associated with the Northern Utah business community. Unemployment is low and construction permitting is up, along with gross taxable sales. . . .

FAR Part 2: How your small business can benefit in the government contracting arena

by Doug Friedli, Senior Business Development Consultant

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As promised, this month we’re taking a slightly deeper dive into how the FAR is designed to help your small business compete. Missed last month’s blog? Take a few minutes to catch up here. . . .