Kara Honaker - JTTap Education Specialist

(801) 725-0918

Ms. Honaker has taught and volunteered in kindergarten through young adults, and in the age bracket of 55 and older. This experience has been in suburban and urban school districts including a technology college and a non-profit company. Has one of her work experiences while living in Arizona, she took on the challenge of working with “at risk” students on Saturdays in a low-economic diverse area of the city. Her experience has enabled her to provide students with a “head start” in mastering basic skills in computers, mathematics, English and science. She is a firm believer that students can learn more by having their differences accommodated. It was and is her role and responsibility, as the teacher, to identify varying needs and use appropriate strategies to build on strengths to help students develop in individualized ways and be successful in the world whether it is in the workforce or continuing their education and assist them with future success.